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I learnt about Saturday Six through Celia, from Snookie Styler, and decided to join in the fun! You guys should try it too!! Looks fun…

Saturday Six is hosted by Boobies, Babies & a Blog and Love Comma Ashlee. Make sure to visit their blogs, follow, and join!


1.)  Tell us one nasty habit you have–we all know you have one!
I hate doing the laundry. It takes me forever to fold the clothes, and when I do fold them, they still stay in the basket, hiding in my closet. By the time I put everything away, I already have more laundry to fold. Never ending vicious circle of laundry…

2.)  You are able to hire one of the following-which is it? Maid, Chef, Gardener.
We really don’t have that much of a garden, so no gardener. I like to cook and Ty used to be a chef at a restaurant. SO, I’ll have to go with a Maid! Maybe that way my laundry will be folded and put away!

3.)  Would you sacrifice one of your fingers for half a million dollars?
I don’t think I could do it. Nope.

4.)  Tell us how your husband popped the question? (If you’re not married how would you want someone to pop the question?)
I was back home and I thought he was in China visiting his father (he just works there). I was mad because I hadn’t heard about him in over a week (long distance relationships do work). That day my sisters decided we should go shopping to the mall. J, my little sister, did my hair, but she couldn’t get me to change into something more presentable (I was wearing jeans, sneakers and a red shirt with a monkey). Later on the day my mom called saying her car broke, which was odd since the car was brand new. So we went to ‘pick her up’ and she just happened to be in my favorite
restaurant. There was a red rose arrangement on the table. My family and all the waiters where looking at me with huge smiles. I looked behind me and there he was! My family left. Ty and I had dinner. He popped the question. I really don’t remember what he said, but he was shaking. Three  years later we have 2 adorable little boys!

5.)  Is there anyone that has ever done you so wrong that you just can’t forget or forgive them…at all?
Not off the top of my head, so I guess not.

6.)  Do you believe that people should wait until marriage to have sex? Why or why not?
To each their own. Nowadays it is so unusual to encounter people who wait until marriage. Power to them. For me, the reason why I didn’t have sex before marriage was because I was unsecured about myself, I always though I was not going to  be good when having sex in bed, we all have our reasons.

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  • ~J
    August 8, 2010

    Thanks for linking up sweetie!

    I HATE laundry…(hence wanting the maid!) I’ve also been known for forgetting a load in the washer! Ooopsy!

    New follower!