Guilty Pleasures of a SAHM

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  • Pajamas. In my case this translates to sweatpants. And for sweatpants being such a staple I only have two pairs! And one has wholes on the knees! Oops…I guess I wear them way too much! This is why I just bought a brand new pair of boyfriend jeans from American Eagle. And let me tell you that I love them!! They are so comfortable and perfect to run around the house chasing little boys…and being used as a wrestling mat. 🙂 Only con…my legs turned blue even after I washed them! Took a shower and the water running off my legs was blue.

  • No makeup. I am not that into makeup anyways…but it is nice to be around as is. No foundation. No mascara. Only facial cream…and as happy as can be!
  • Messy Hair. Which is always messy…even when I want it to look nice it simply won’t behave so I just let my hair be. Love the messy bun…which sometimes gets a bit too dirty…When you have kids showers are a luxury…same as alone time in the potty.

{I would love to be able to wear a headband like she does…they always give me a headache!}

  • Tumblr. Love surfing around Tumblr and We Heart It. Love reblogging photos. Love hearting photos. Lately I’ve been also into Stumble.
  • Twitter. Mostly stalking a few fellow mommies and some celebrities like @frankenteen, @alittlelamb @msleamichele @EmWatson among a few others.
  • DVR. I do not watch that much TV but I do have a few favorite shows that are a must for me to watch: Glee (of course), House, Bones and Whose Line is itAnyways? I have tried to watch reality shows but I can sincerely feel my neurons die a bit. I find them a waste of my time. Oh and I can’t stand The Office either! I hate the way they tape it. Makes me dizzy!
  • Blogging and other blogs as well. I simply love to write and love finding other blogs to read while I sip on my coffee. I know I do not write much and that my blog is mostly reviews/giveaways but I am working on it. Little by little…right?



Which would you say are your guilty pleasures?