Potty Training {Week 2}

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It’s been a bit over 2 weeks into our potty training adventure. So far so good. Just this morning he woke up with a dry diaper!! This is a first and I am sure more mornings like this will happen more often.

It’s been a while now that after he wakes up he will ask me to take him to the bathroom. He knows how to hold it in and what needs to be done. Still, he refuses to poop in the potty. He’ll always push once and then look at me with a sad frown on his face and say “Mom, it’s not working. Peeping’s broken”. My silly goose calls it peeping instead of peeing and pooping.

He have been taking the reward route on our adventure. If he goes pee in the potty he will get candy. We gave him M&M’s first and now, since they are all gone, he gets gummies. The only thing I do not like about our approach is that he will go potty and squeeze very single drop of pee in his system so he can get his gummies. Siriously, he’d go potty every 5 minutes if I let him.




I know that this a long road and that he will poop eventually, which he hasn’t done in more than 24 hours. I just wish I knew how to let him know that it will be OK if he tries, at least once.

All at its time I guess.




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