Oh Stress

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This week hasn’t even started yet and stress abounds. I must be PMSing ’cause I got stressed from cleaning the kitchen and having to repeatedly ask the hubs to entertain the boy while I tried to clean. Had to ask more than twice. Drives me crazy. But I still love that man of mine!

Tomorrow both the boys have their Doctor’s appointment. Probably shots. Jake is so not gonna like it. He might get upset at mommy. Hopefully not! And I also hope that their band aids hold better not like the one they had at their other doctor’s office. Yuck…neon and non-sticky.

Alexander is going to need a full on physical test to see if he is fit to have surgery. There is were even more stress comes into our lives. It is nothing mayor or scary. Boy has cavities and needs his teeth fixed (blame it on the bottle -which is another story- and bad teeth genetics, from his dad’s side, I have no cavities!). He is going to be put down and get his teeth fixed on Friday. He is going to be so cranky. He is not going to be allowed to digest or drink anything from midnight on! No juice or milk as soon as he wakes up. Not a happy boy does this make, I tell you.

As to Jake, well, I think I will have to bring him with me to the hospital. Hubs is gonna be there, grandparents both work. I bet they have a day care at the hospital. Talking of which, I am so happy it is going to be at St. Vincent’s Hospital! I wanted to deliver Jake there since it is so close to home, but insurance stuff sent me to Good Samaritan Hospital, not bad, just weird, again a whole other story.

I hope it all goes well. It is definitely for the best of the boy.

Made my mistakes, took notes and won’t make them again.

I’ll keep you guys posted.

  • veronica lee
    July 18, 2010

    I’m sure everything will turn out fine. It’s tough being a mom.

    Have a nice day!

  • Jonesie
    July 19, 2010

    I think it’s all husbands…I still haven’t finished cleaning the room because I refused to ask one more time to either help me clean or watch Chunks! Good luck at the doc’s, hope Jake’s not too cranky awwww