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I am patiently waiting for an email. An email that will help us move up a stage on our relocating adventure. We have been looking everywhere for a house to rent but to no avail. I have looked on every single website, hotpads, craigslist, etc., but no luck yet. Well, we did find this one house we loved…but it was back in January when we were not ready for the move and, well, the house is gone now. But it had an amazing view and a hot tub on the deck…and it had a huge backyard…more like a forest with no fenced in yard. Oh the adventures little bos could have…just imagine!

I’ve found it hard to find a house, not a townhouse or condo or apartment. A house. We want a yard for the boys to play in and for Scratch to run around like his crazy self. He’d love running after elk, hehehe that’d be so funny! Hopefully elk won’t kick…but I digress.

I am waiting for that one list of rental properties. I am waiting to find the house. We are waiting.

I guess this is what happens when you send an email to a property management company on a Friday afternoon.

So I wait…and still no email. This is frustrating. Stressful!

So while I wait I’ll share a photo with you.


We all got our hair cut this weekend! The boys got their heads shaved. No more curls! But they look so handsome!! And I decided to keep it long but added some layers and got bangs!! I can’t remember when was the last time I had bangs!! Must have been back in Elementary school…hehehe but I like them, not when I am wearing my glasses…I can’t wait to get contacts…!!



What do you guys think!?




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