Dr’s Appointment

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So we are back. Took way too long.

Boys are doing good. Alexander got the OK for his dental procedure (which has me really anxious).  Friday will be an interesting day. Which reminds me that i have to call the hospital. Argh.

Both boys got their shots. Alexander got 4 and Jake got 3. Jake did great, cried a little but was fine as soon as I held him. On the other hand Alexander did not do good. He freaked out and flexed his muscles. I have never heard him cry like that. It sounded like someone was trying to kill him or something. I almost cry too. But gotta be strong for my boys. Right?

We also got their charts! Oh so much fun! So here is what we learnt of the boys today:


  • Weight: 31.9lbs         85%
  • Height: 37.8 in          99% (actually, above 99%)
  • Head Circ.: 15.8        99%

He is a bit taller than his 3 y/o cousin.


  • Weight: 21.2lbs         74%
  • Height: 29.7in.          96%
  • Head Circ.: 18.5         95%

More on the average side. He might be shorter than Alexander.

  • Miranda
    July 20, 2010

    You’ve got a couple of big boys! 🙂 They’re very cute!
    I love the name Jake, btw, it was one of the top choices when we named our son.

  • Alicia
    July 22, 2010

    How exciting. Healthy boys,..don’t you just love to learn the growth spurts when you take them in to see the dr. I always worry about shots and how my boys will handle them. My two younger ones are 3 years and 19 months old… Nice Blog.. following you from mbc, stop by and visit me at Healthy Living & A Balanced You-www.aliciahunter.net