Laundry rant

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When I married Tyler I did not know how to use a washer. Sounds silly but I seriously did not know how to operate a washer.

When I grew up we all had our chores. We all had to make our beds as soon as our toes would touch the floor next to our bed. If we could make our beds in our sleep, even better! We had to clean the dishes, by hand. We were not allowed to touch the dishwasher (which often made us wonder why we even had one). But most important, we were not allowed, by any means, to touch my mom’s washer. No way. It was one of my mom’s treasures besides her beloved sewing machine.

When the time came for me to do our very first load of laundry I had no clue what to do. Tyler showed me how and I realized that it was not so tough after all.

This was 4 years ago and still, up to this date, I hate doing the laundry. It is mostly the folding the clothes part of it. I always end with a backache and bored to death.

Often times, and I am pretty sure this has happened to you as well, I find miscellaneous objects at the bottom of our washer. Just the other day I found Tyler’s iPod! It went through two cycles, TWO! Of course, it did not make it. Poor thing is still in a bowl of rice hoping to revive and play some tunes. I doubt it though.

I think it was yesterday that the iPod incident came up to light, yet again. Tyler made a comment about it and then said something that really upset me. He said it as a joke, but we all know that some jokes are half true.

He said: “If only you’d learned to look into the pockets.” I love this man but sometimes I want to smack him on the back of the head NCIS-style. But his comment was not nice at all. Joke or not.

All I said was “Well, it is not my fault that my mom taught me to take care of my own pockets.” I got glared at by his mom.

And she did. My mom always asked us to take care of our own laundry. If we needed a specific shirt yesterday, we had to have thought about it 3 weeks ago! She never went around the entire house on a clothes hunt, unless the load was not full and we were not home to go fetch our own dirty clothes. And God forbid you to leave the towels on the floor.

And I take after her on this matter, and many more. I am so used to taking care of my own dirty clothes that when it’s laundry day I don’t go on a scavenger hunt around the house. And the only pockets I go through are mine and the boys’ (which often go unused). I overlook Tyler’s cause my mind is set to each taking care of their own. I have so many things to do every single day that I can’t seriously do it all by my self.


Is this a cultural thing? Do you go through every single pocket in your laundry basket? Am I crazy for expecting a little bit of courtesy?



*Oh, and I must clarify, Tyler was the one who put his jeans and iPod in the washer, I simply did the second wash. That sucker was hiding under the middle blades. Does it count on my behalf if my cycle was on delicate?

  • Giant Sis
    April 13, 2011

    I NEVER look in the pockets and we had to do laundry from as soon as we could reach the top of the washer! I think it IS the person’s responsibility to make sure things are ready for the wash – emptying pockets, turning them right-side out, and I even wish Scott would button his dress shirts BEFORE they go in the wash (but I’m losing that battle).

    I HATE laundry too – but I think dusting is my least favorite chore. Probably because Scott often does the laundry all by himself. He is actually more particular about clothes than I am – because he has nicer clothes (dress shirts, suits, etc.) so he wants them run on DELICATE – which I always forget.

  • Giant Sis
    April 13, 2011

    Of course, Scott LOVES dryer sheets though and will use 4-5 per LOAD.
    But, if he’s going to do the laundry, I’m not REALLY going to complain!

    • Sofia
      April 14, 2011

      Hehehe, totally agree!!

  • Lesli
    April 14, 2011

    I do not look in pockets. For my hubby, it is pens and change! He is always leaving pens in his pockets. Then when I bring it up he is like, why can’t you do it? Excuse me but I didn’t know it was super difficult to empty your pockets before they hit the hamper.

    Oh and SOCK BALLS – my hubby leaves me SOCK BALLS all the time. Sorry but I am not touching your gross used socks to unball them. I throw them in balled up. If they don’t wash properly that is not my problem! 😀

    • Sofia
      April 18, 2011

      I don’t like sock balls either! But this rarely happen…And I am with you, if took you 3 seconds to put things in your pocket it will take you 3 more seconds to take them off…It makes me feel like I am the mother….

  • ElizaBeth
    April 15, 2011

    My rule- if you don’t want it washed don’t put it in the hamper. which also happens to mean if it’s not in the hamper its not getting washed! Son lost an ipod this way too… a very sad day for him as he should have learned when he washed his own phone at summer camp and we made him buy a new one!!

    • Sofia
      April 18, 2011

      I love your rule! I will make use of it from now on! 😀

  • Krista
    April 17, 2011

    If they put it in the hamper that way, then it is not my fault. I always offer to never do their laundry ever again, and that will usually shut them up 😉

    • Sofia
      April 18, 2011