Today, was a good day

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Today was a good day. The skies were clear and the sun came out. The boys played all day. We went upstairs and then downstairs to go back up 5 minutes later. It got a bit warm and we played outside and made a mess, but boys will be boys, right?!

I didn’t join in the fun until after lunch (too much catching up on the blog and household duties). This is what our afternoon looked like:


{A. played on his carpet with his brand new Hot Wheel cars Grandma gave him!}
This boy loves his cars! And he was so excited that he now has a ‘wee-ooh” aka fire truck and an ambulance!
And I got to keep a 1950’s Cadillac (I think) which I am more than happy to accept (and keep in my pocket as a reward)!


J. started by claiming power over the so-called Choo-Choo’s!
Later on he decided to lounge on his floor cushion, cover himself with a blanket and play with a truck!
This boy has always had a thing for pillow, blankets and stuffed animals! I guess I can call him a cuddle bunny guru.

And this is what the room looked like after the boys were done playing in it…’cause we then moved downstairs to make more mess!
But this mess was nothing compared to what it usually looks like!
Yeah, yeah!

So, in retrospect, the boys had a fun packed day while mommy nestled a stupid migraine.

How was your day?



  • I Read Banned Books
    April 19, 2011

    So happy my kids are old enough to pick up their stuff. Granted….their stuff is still everywhere. Lol!


    • Sofia
      April 19, 2011

      They only clean up if we make them…but it takes for ever between putting away and playing at the same time!! But we are getting there….slowly