My 3 year old teenager

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A. will be 3 in 28 days (not that I am counting or anything). Yikes! That means that J. will be 18 months in 26 days! But I digress.

My oldest son is already acting like a teenager! Seriously! He feels like such a big boy now and there are several things he does that make me gasp and do a double take!

{My 3 year old, a teenager already!?}


One of his teenager antiques is the overuse of the word ‘ever’



    • At any time
    • Used in comparisons for emphasis


    Lets take yesterday’s example:

    M: A., please leave your brother alone and go play with your cars!
    A: No!
    M: A. go play with your cars, please.
    A: I will never ever ever ever ever play cars. EVER!

    And he will repeat that last sentence a couple more times just in case mommy did not get the first 3 evers…

    Does this mean that since he is just 3 and is acting like a teenager he will behave like a grown up by the time he hits his teenage years or am I being way too hopeful?



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