Relocating Tips

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As most of you might know by now, we are relocating to Colorado pretty soon! And as most of you might know as well we are still looking for a house to rent. I always had the idea that it was going to be an easy task. Simply go to or Craigslist and there is the rental home of our dreams! Deck, 3+ bedrooms, gorgeous views and a huge yard for the boys and puppy to play in…

Most parts of Colorado are cheaper than Portland, with the exception of Boulder, Vail, Aspen and the like, so finding a bigger house for the same amount of our mortgage is not hard. It is just finding the right one for us that it is not in the middle of the flatlands with no trees around. This is why we are looking into Estes Park and Evergreen. Small mountain towns. But so far our luck has been null.

I have tried both and craigslist. Nothing yet. I’ve also looked into Zillow. I have also emailed all the property management companies I could find on the internet. And nothing! I emailed them 3 weeks ago and still no word of them!! And you know what seriously makes me mad, I sent an email to a property management company in Evergreen forgetting to switch Estes Park with Evergreen, and she was so fast to reply that they were located in Evergreen and asked if she could be of any help. I told her that Evergreen was our second option and shared what we are looking for…I was hopeful but still got disappointed.

Are all property management companies this rude? Do I seriously need to harass them on the phone to get some information? Why do they even add their email address on their website? Even worse, why do they ask you to send them an email if you are interested on finding a long term rental if they are not going to get back to you?

We are planning on visiting Colorado soon so I can see the area and hopefully find a house. I am still hoping I can find something before then.


So here is where I need your help guys!
Has anyone of you relocated to another state? Does anyone have any tips for us?




  • ohkeeka
    April 23, 2011

    We’re in the process of relocating from Wisconsin to North Carolina (although we’re buying, not renting–honestly, we’ve also rented from long distance and I really think buying has been easier!). I don’t know if you’ve posted on the City Data forums for Colorado at all, but that was super super helpful for us. People will tell you which areas are good and which are bad and give all sorts of other tips for newcomers. We even found our realtor through City Data. I totally sound like I’m shilling for them right now, but I’m totally not! πŸ™‚ In the Raleigh forum, I’ve seen people post to ask for rental recommendations in certain areas and they always seem to get a good response. And in addition to the forums, they also have really good demographic info about cities so you can see their crime rates, number of schools, education attainment rates, etc.

    • Sofia
      April 25, 2011

      We can’t really buy right now…we own our house here in Portland and will be putting it up for rent. But we are looking into buying in a near future. And I have been to City Data forums as well!! I had it all narrowed down to where to go and where not to and then my husband visited Colorado and fell in love with Estes Park!! I will head on over though…ask for rental recommendations!

      Thanks so much for your comment and help!! Hope your relocation goes well!

  • Becca
    May 6, 2011

    My aunt rents a house in Denver but that’s all I know πŸ™

  • Becca
    May 6, 2011

    I mean she rents out a house…but that only helps if Denver is an option for you.