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I never had the greatest relationship ever told with my mom. All I can remember from my childhood was sitting outside her room studying together. I’d read a chapter and she’d ask me questions about it. She was a straight A student, so she wanted us to be so as well. All through elementary school I had the best grades in our grade. That’s one of the many things I have to thank her for. She taught me to believe in myself and my brains.

Once I started middle school I was allowed to study by myself. Good grades were still a must. I was still on the top of the class but not like in elementary school.

But this is not all I’ve learned from her. Lately I have discovered I share the same pet peeves as she does. I can’t eat breakfast in a dirty kitchen. I can’t stand clothes laying around the house. I can’t stand dirty glasses. There are things that I do that I often hear my self say “I blame my mom” for it! But I don’t say it as in putting blame on her for what I do, but I say it in a proud way. These are the things I like the most of myself. And I have to thank my mom for that.

She helped me be the person I am. She helped me be the mom that I am. And I am greatly thankful for her and all she has given me.

Mom, I love you to pieces. Sometimes it is hard for me to say those three words but I truly do love you. You are the best mom I could have ever asked for. And I am greatly thankful for making me the person I am today.



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  • Willa Shalit
    May 3, 2011

    How beautiful to read your “I love you” to your mom, and the love you’re also sharing with the moms of Haiti, in their time of need. THANK YOU!! ~Willa