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I don’t write that much anymore. And by write I mean with an actual pen and a paper. I miss it. I could write for hours. Now every time I try to write a letter my hand cramps and I have to take a brake every so often. This got me thinking on how pens are designed. And like most things it they are designed around cost and quantity and not so much around the human hand.

While doing some research I came upon PenAgain. This was a few months ago so when the chance of trying them our came upon I couldn’t turn it down!!

PenAgain came to be when his inventor, Colin Roche, was bored at school for being late one too many times! He was playing with a flexible toy and before he knew it he ahd a brand new pen in hand! Boredom = genius minds at work! Hehehe…



The pens look kind of silly if I must say so. The very first time you try them it feels so odd. While giving our new pens a try I found myself making silly faces as if they would help me figure the pen out! It does look different but there’s a reason to it. As I stated at the beginning pens are not designed around the human hand which causes our wrists to cramp whenever we write for too long.

I’ll show you how I was taught to hold the pen:



I hold the pen with 3 fingers. I personally need extreme control of the pen. This is the way I hold my pen when I am writing a letter or for when I need to make sure others can read my handwriting. And I have no clue why I decided to mix upper and lower case letters! It was back in middle school and I remember a substitute teacher did not like it at all.




When I went to college I started holding my pen a different way, the “wrong way”, as my mom loves to call it! But it made it so much easier to draw and take notes. Of course when I write this way not every one can understand what I write. It is easier, faster but illegible.



When I first used the PenAgain, my letters were all over the place but with some practice my handwriting looks better now. Writing with a normal pen is an old habit that takes its time to get rid of. But it is well worth it. When using the PenAgain try not to hold the pen with your fingers. The pen is designed around your hand so let it hold it and see how the tension of writing dissipates.

We got the pens in the mail over the weekend and my mother in law fell in love with it!! She even urged me to find where this pens were sold!! She says she’ll get a few for her office!



This is what her handwriting looks like. Above is with the PenAgain, and the one underneath it with a normal pen. And she loves it! It simply takes practice and time. I also figured out that the PenAgain is awesome for writing in cursive!

Is it worth it? YES! And your hand will thank you! No more calluses and cramping wrists!



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