Yanni in Concert

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Last night I took Tyler to his very first concert ever! We went to see Yanni! You know, Yanni is one of those artists that everyone has heard of one way or the other. I am pretty sure we have all heard one of his songs without even knowing it’s his!

{Ty made me stand there for like forever! Hehehe}


We got there early…well not there there per se since we went to the wrong venue and had to walk all the way down to the Keller Auditorium where the concert was held…oops! We got there early and since the seats were numbered we went to get some coffee. Mr. Tyler was very tired and about to snooze away. When I told him that Yanni plays the piano he looks at me as if saying ‘seriously?!’. He loves piano though! I love it too but I am more of a violin person.

Once inside and at our seats I was a bit nervous to take my huge Nikon since everybody around us had point and shooters and phones. But I got brave enough to snap quite a few photos once the lights were out…and of course I did not use flash, I don’t want to flash the orchestra with my camera! They’d have thrown me out! That sucker ca blind you for over a minute!



The orchestra walked into stage 2 minutes after 8. So if your show starts at say 7, be there at 6.50 and you’re good to go! Not even a minute later, once the orchestra was set, Yanni walked in stage and the very first song played was Santorini! Perfect way to start the show! All I could picture in my head were wild horses running…

On every other song Yanni interacted with the audience. It was simply hilarious! People screaming things at him. “Yanni, I love you!” and someone yelled “I love David!” and made us all crack up!! And I didn’t know he’s Greek!! I guess you learn something new every day.



Yanni’s vibe while he performed was amazing! You could see him play with one hand and follow the other instruments melody with the other. At moments he’d dance or jump up and down!

But it was not all about him. He let his orchestra shine. All but 3 of his orchestra members had their own solos! The one I liked the least was Gabriel Vivas’, bass. It simply did not sound good, in my opinion. My favorites…hard to choose one! But I loved Jason Carder on the trumpet, Alexander Zhiroff on the cello, and Charlie Adams on the drums (he is also Yanni’s BFF!).



I must say that Charlie stole the show!! When it was his turn to be showcased he appears out of nowhere with a Blazers jersey! Crowd goes wild! He takes it off and under it he’s wearing a Timbers (soccer) jersey!! Crowd goes wilder!! And he played for ever and amazingly!!

It is great to see performers enjoy what they are doing. They had so much fun which made the concert that much better! I truly enjoyed myself a lot! I can honestly say that I am looking forward to another Yanni concert in the future!



{If you want to see more photos from the concert visit my Facebook page!}


Many thanks go to the One2One Network for allowing us to enjoy such an amazing concert! Yanni and his Orchestra were wonderful!
Disclosure: This was not a paid post. I received a pair of concert tickets in order to write this review. No other form of compensation was received. The opinions stated are my own and were in no way influenced by the hosting company.

  • Malia @ One2One Network
    May 5, 2011

    So glad that you enjoyed the show! Thanks for the great review!

    • Sofia
      May 5, 2011

      The show was amazing! Thanks for the opportunity to attend! 😀

  • Christa Nolan
    May 6, 2011

    Looks like fun! It’s always awesome to hear instrument solos because I feel like we don’t ever get to hear them in much mainstream music nowadays. I listened to your Yanni youtube clip and it was nice! 🙂

    • Sofia
      May 8, 2011

      ‘Santorini’ is awesome! And I agree with you, solos are awesome! 😀 Except the bass one, he kind of sucked.