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Last week we went to Grandma’s house (aka my MIL*) and I don’t remember where it came from but we started talking about our dream house. Of course we started with the kitchenware. Gotta start with the kitchen, the heart of the home. Hers will be huge! With 3 ovens (we all love to bake and he makes a killer homemade bread, which I knead) and an apron kitchen sink. Of course we went room by room but I really did not know what I want my kitchen to look like since I need to contact a countertops company and other furniture suppliers.

Tyler and I want to build our own house in a near future so, like any decor enthusiast, I’ve never stopped looking for the perfect sink or the perfect wall color that will go into that house. We want our house to look and feel like a lodge up in the mountains. Warm and cozy, with a wood burning fireplace.

While on my search I found a couple kitchens that are drool worthy!


I love the simplicity and clean lines of the Madrid kitchen with the best kitchen faucet installed from Tesco Direct. The dark walnut wood is simply gorgeous. I also love the ovens on the far back!! Small but I want those in my kitchen! Imagine baking a homemade pizza while baking a cupcakes, at the same time! I also have seen some expensive cookers of great quality as the hamilton beach 33957 and I would like one of those. And the pantry, super important that it is as huge as possible! I have two boys very close in age…the teenage years are sure to be expensive! Boys eat like it is going out of style!!



I also like this kitchen, Geneva, from Tesco Direct as well. What I like the most is how it is set with the stove top on the kitchen isle and love the range top as well! In this picture you get a better look of that amazing oven!! Don’t you just love it!!

Of course what kitchen would be ready with no cookware, right?! I also found these oil & vinegar pourers that are simply stunning!! Of cours eI would go for the purple one but I am guessing that the boys would stop mommy from getting it and would rather buy the green ones, which are gorgeous as well!!



{What does your dream kitchen look like?}


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Tesco Direct. All opinions are my own and were not influenced byt the sponsor.

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  • Krista
    May 10, 2011

    I love white cabinets with dark walls. I know white cabinets are a pain to clean, but I just love them.