My Vices

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vices, plural

  1. Immoral or wicked behavior
  2. Bad habit


We all have them. Though I must say that after looking up for the meaning of vice I really don’t want to use that word at all! I just don’t know how else to describe the little things I can’t live without. There’s got to be a word for that, right?

Well, there are a few things I can’t live without. I mean, I could but I would probably be curled up in a corner while mumbling to myself…hehehe, OK maybe not.



I can’t start my day without a cup, or two, or three, of coffee!!
Creamer and 1.5 teaspoons of sugar please!!


My newest vice!! Baileys Coffee Creamer!
Like Baileys but without the alcohol!

Got it from my boys for Mother’s Day!!



Tumblr!! Love it!
Just can’t visit my dashboard on Tuesdays!
The East coast watches Glee first and the dashboard is all about the episode!

Another reason why I procrastinate sometimes…

Do any of you Tumblr?



Pinterest. A newer vice!
What is it? It is an online image bookmark!

I have found tons of DIY projects, ideas for my house, hairstyle tutorials!
Make sure to visit and if you want me to send you an invite let me know!


What are your vices?
What things can’t you live without?



  • Giant Sis
    May 12, 2011

    Definitely not coffee – I don’t like the stuff and NEVER drink it!
    I guess if I HAD to name some daily vices… the internet (specifically email, FB, and contest sites) is about my only daily indulgence. Other vices that aren’t as frequent, but are more “guilty pleasures”: peanut M&Ms, Subway cookies, asking Scott for footrubs (and giving him one first so that I am more relaxed during mine!), and diet coke with lime!

    • Sofia
      May 14, 2011

      No coffee?! I used to be like you…until I met Tyler and made me a coffee adict! Hehehehe…How are you Giant Sis!?