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I have missed doing this meme…and is seems that Courtney is not doing it today! :S I guess I will still go with it and if you’d like tag along! Basically what iPhoneography is is a way to share the photos you took this week with your phone, which doesn’t need to be an iPhone, it simply has to snap photos!

Here’s my week in photos….more like this morning in photo, tee hee!



“It’s trash day, trash day
Friday is our trash day
Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend (x2)”

Sorry, but I couldn’t resist!!
Now sing at the top of your lungs…
It’s trash day, trash day….

OK, I’ll stop….


This is my new favorite tree on our street!! The other trees are green now and this is the only fuchsia tree left!

Simply gorgeous!

And I had to lomo-fi it on Instagram! 😀


Same tree….reaching towards the sky…

I love all things pink, purple and therefore fuchsia!!
Cross processing on Instagram 😉


Today I woke up 4.38am to J. crying. After I told him it was still night-night time and tucked him in again I went back to bed but couldn’t sleep.
All I could think of where all the car accidents I saw in my dream…way to go conscience!

Today, early in the morning, I went to the DMV to take my driver’s knowledge test!
Yeah, I’m 26 years old and do not have a drivers license…had one, but lost it…and it is obsolete in the US so whatever…
Passed the test with 90%!

Still have to straighten some issues (some random sample thing) and I can then take my driving test!

So this picture was taken down at the Milikan Way MAX station…
Waiting for my bus to take me back home!


And this is the inside of the bus that took me back to my boys!
And the bus driver was so nice!! Sweetest bus driver ever!

How was your week?
How about your morning?! Anything relevant?!


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  • Lesli
    May 17, 2011

    Wow! Those trees! Awesome! I am getting my iPhone tomorrow – yay! What camera app do you use? I like the burning and the frames on the ones you posted.