Birthday @ the Zoo

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This one will be quick and a photographic overload! So as you guys might remember, A.’s birthday was this past Friday but we decided to celebrate him turning 3 on Saturday. We had huge plans for the day which had to be change but were still awesome in the end!

A. spent his birthday’s night at Grandma’s house, which he loves to do! Boy love his Grandma! Saturday morning they came back home to pick us up and we set our way to the Zoo!!

We walked around, saw tons of animals and rode the train!

I am so sleepy…here’re some photos from that day! ENJOY!!


He almost jumped in with the bears!! This boys love him some bears!

This was J’s first time at the zoo and he loved it so much!!
The fish were his utter favorite and even cried when I had to pull him away!

The boys rode horses…

And made friends with a goat!!

A. enjoyed seeing all the things around him…always serious.

We rode the train…boys loved it so much!

And we were goofy!

This tank made us all so dizzy! No one was there…

We had tons of fun! Loved every single part of our windy day at the Zoo!

Once back home we opened presents and blew out the candles…OK, A. did!

A. had a lovely day and got tons of awesome presents…but more to come regarding them…

I am off to sleep…I am so tired…


What did you guys do this past weekend?!

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