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We all have had our share of picky eaters. Maybe you are a few of the lucky ones whose kids wil eat anything you put infront of them. This is, unfortunately, not my case. I mean, yeah, J. will eat any fruit you give him, except for bananas, but that’s it. No meat, no vegetables, nothing. A. is the pickest one at our house. He won’t eat ground beef, he only likes chicken if it is covered with ketchup. No vegetables and the only fruit he would ever eat are apples, oranges (he squeezes the juice out), and strawberries. Better than nothing but man does it drive me up the wall!

I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon Vat19 but I was so happy when I found their Chew-Chew Train dinner set. A light bulb flashed on top of my head (it’d be hilarious if this actually could occur) and I was like ‘Oh my, I need one of those!! Maybe now A. will eat his dinner!”.



At first glance you might think it is a toy train. But no!! Muahahaha (evil laugh), it is actually a full dinner set! Oh yeah! The six-piece train disassembles into a functional dinner set complete with a large bowl, cup, plate, small tray, and spoon and fork.



I honestly think that this dinner set is simply genius. Problem is, kids outsmarted mom. It took me forever to find all the pieces for me to be able to snap this photos! Boys decided that their plates and spoon and cup would make a better toy than dinner set. Every time I found the spoon I would be missing the side dish and the cup. Once I found those I’ll be missing the bowl. Until I hid them all from the boys, mommy outsmarted the kids!

The Chew-Chew Train makes dinner a bit funner. Is funner a word? Oh well. The only problem here is that we only have one train and two boys…so we usually have to tear the train into two so there are no fights over who has the rights over it (lets remember they are 3 and 1.5 year old).



The plate is great for everything! The boys have had pizza, pasta, PB&Js and plenty more on their train plate. The bowl is great for popcorn and their daily morning yogurt. The side dish is great for Goldfish crackers. The spoon and forks are great for playing in their toy kitchen. And the cup is great for, well, I’ll show you what for in the form of a picture:



The cup is perfect to hold your sippy cup in! See, this is the kind of stuff that only little minds could come up with! And another reason why this review took for like forever to be written!

Oh and before I let you guys go, this set is both dishwasher and microwave safe!!

And they also have a pink chew chew train just in case your little princess likes trains and wants her own!! Oh, and they also have a castle, just in case your knight and princess are not so into trains!



Kiddo dinner sets is not what Vat19 is all about! Oh, no. They also have gadgets for the kitchen, office tools, clothing and accessories, tools and so many more! So make sure to take a look around and you might just find that certain thing you’ve been looking for! 😀



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