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I am always looking of rnew music for both me and my boys…usually me since A. will dance to pretty much anything. Like…seriosuly, stir your coffee loud enough for him to hear you and he will start dancing! J. is still not dancing so much…getting there. Little by little I say. But when he does it is so cute!

Just recently we were given the opportunity of reviewing Hope Harris‘ new album ‘Cousins Jamboree’ and let me tell you that the boys love it! Alright, I love it too. I think I’ve listened to it more than the boys have…la la la…moving on…

The very first song in the album is Howdy Hello and it has this country/swing vibe that had both my boys dancing! Yup, J. started dancing! 😀 So next thing you know, mommy is dancing too…but not like grown up dancing, but more like lets-dance-like-the-kids kind of dance!



You can clearly see how muh she loves what she does! She is a kid trapped in a grown up’s body…and I really l want that same skirt! So twirly!

The whole album has a fun vibe to it. It won’t only leave our kids exhausted from dancing so much but they will learn new lessons. I Can Do It which teaches positive thinking. Good Manners and Seatbelt Buckled is something we all have to learn and what better way to teach than through song! My favorite has to be Howdy Hello since it makes my little J. dance like true cowboy!



{The album is geared towards kids 3-10 years of age and runs for 42 mintes.}


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