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Cool WordPress Plugin – Total Widget Control

This is a very cool new Plugin we just released for Wordpress Bloggers. Total Widget Control allows bloggers to have full flexibility in Wordpress widget management. Now you can dynamically assign widgets to any page, post category, or custom listing type, change the order widgets display in, decide which users can see which widgets, and/or quickly ...

Moon Trees

By Thursday, February 10, 2011 2 , Permalink 0

So I just watch a brief clip about this on the news and thought it was interesting. Apparently in 1971 Apollo 14 went on what was the third trip to the moons surface. On that mission Stuart Roosa, a former smoke jumper, brought along several tree seeds as a scientific experiment. The trees sees were ...

China’s “Top Gun” Incident

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OK so this is a great story, apparently China is confused between Hollywood and reallity. A couple days back they (allegedly) hosted a news story about a People's Liberation Army Air Force training exercise gone wrong. During the exercise the broadcast claimed that a J-10 fighter fired a missile at and destroyed another aircraft. Video ...

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