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UK Fashion Catalogues offers the best in Fashion and Style

UK Fashion Catalogues

If you are filled with inspiration for a stylish wardrobe, UK catalogues offer new, ultra-stylish fashion for men, women, and children. Packed with dazzling clothing, footwear, and accessories, UK catalogues makes it easy for fashion shopping from home. Home shopping catalogues are an ideal way to shop for whatever you want online. Besides fashion, there’s a whole list of other things like sports equipment, home furnishings, appliances, and more. However, ... read more

1st April 2014

Planning a Wedding: The Facts [Infographic]

Planning a Wedding: The Facts [Infographic]

There’s so much to think about when planning a wedding, and it’s often the little details that require the most discussion. After all, few of your guests will actually be that concerned with where you and your new spouse head off on honeymoon – the music the DJ plays at the reception, however, is the kind of thing which leaves a lasting impression. The minor details make a difference. Of ... read more

28th March 2014

Reading Challenge 2014: February

{From PDX with Love} Reading Challenge 2014: February

A few things happened on February regarding reading: I finally got my hands on Born Wicked!! I was waiting for this book for what it seemed forever (library queues sometimes suck). I ventured outside of my genre bubble of comfort. Left dystopian worlds for a more Contemporary Literature. I was called a book junkie….which I am very proud of. I also managed to read TEN books this months!! I am quite happy ... read more

3rd March 2014

Weekend Links

weekend links

This picture pretty much sums up what our lives have been revolving around lately: LEGOs.    —- On to our Weekend Links! —- If you need ambient sound to help you sleep you should try Soundrown where you can choose different ambient sounds, from a coffee shop to camping, rain or even a playground. And better yet, you can mix them together and make it rain inside the coffee shop! For the ... read more

21st February 2014

Keep your posters safe with Poster Frames

Movie Poster Frames

Before the Despicable Me movies came out both my boys cared only for CARS. It all started when A. got a Lightning McQueen and Mater cake on his 3rd birthday. Soon all the character cars came into our lives. Later down the road, it came as no surprise when the boys found a CARS poster at Value Village and they just had to have it! Of course we got it, A. ... read more

12th February 2014



Reading. As always I am nursing a few books at a time. At this very moment I have 3 bookmarked: Not Quite the Classics by Colin Mochrie (tougher to read than I though, no comedy!); Crossed by Ally Condie, not as good as Matched, its predecessor, having a hard time getting back into the story; and last but not least Odd Hours from Dean Koontz from which I cannot make it ... read more

6th February 2014