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Top Ways to Help Your Children Eat Healthily

Top Ways to Help Your Children Eat Healthily

Top Ways to Help Your Children Eat Healthily (source Bruce Tuten) It’s one thing trying to live a healthy life for you, but setting an example for your kids is a different matter altogether. Check out this list of tips on how to help your children enjoy a healthier, and better, life. Be a good role model It’s a fact that children will copy the actions of the adults they ... read more

26th February 2014

What goes through a boy’s mind?

Through a Boy's Mind

J. is just like his dad, when he spaces out he zones out, he means is. His eyes won’t move, out of focus. He is just lost, somewhere, in space. And then his eyes refocus and I get him back. Huge smiles to follow. I have always wondered where he goes when he spaces out. What would make a 4 year old space out like that? What kind of thoughts ... read more

11th February 2014

Zazoo Kids Photo Clock

Zazoo Kids Photo Clock

** I RECEIVED THE MENTIONED PRODUCT FOR FREE IN ORDER TO FACILITATE THIS REVIEW. ALL OPINIONS ARE 100% MY OWN My boys have been early birds since day one. For them being an early bird means waking up as early as 5 am. There have even been instances where they thought getting up at 4 in the morning was their best idea ever. We have tried it all: from not ... read more

2nd December 2013

Youth Basketball Season Begins!!

Youth Basketball Season

Youth Basketball Season has begun!!  Yesterday was A.’s very first Basketball practice and it was so funny to watch! Why? Because he had no clue what Basketball is. He knew very little: bounce the ball, shoot for the hoop. Done. He was just not prepared for what hit him. But being the sportsman that he is he figured it out right away….at least part of it. The coach (in pink) ... read more

7th November 2013

Flag Football: Defeating the Undefeated

Flag Football: Defeating the Undefeated

It is amazing what practice and a grain of confidence can do to one’s soul. This past Saturday A.’s Flag Football team played against the undefeated team of the league. We all knew it was going to be a tough game but we were not expecting it to be rough.  Flag Football is mostly like Tackle Football. You still have your 4 downs, plays, touch downs. You do not, on the ... read more

18th October 2013

What To Do When Your Child’s Teeth Hurt

What To Do When Your Child's Teeth Hur

Dental problems in children are commonplace. Every child needs dental checkups as they grow and develop, and this is often the first point at which problems can be identified. If your child has toothache or is complaining of painful teeth, either their first or second sets, it is essential that you arrange an appointment with a dentist. Sugary snacks and sodas are a common culprit, but in some kids it ... read more

22nd June 2013