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Finally got our snow!

{From PDX with Love} Got our Snow!!

Bellingham is not known for being a snowy city. Yes, it is at the north point of WA but we rarely get snow thanks to the Cascades which keep the snow clouds at bay (East). On very rare occasions snow clouds make it through the Cascades and it snows, just like it did this past weekend. We finally got our snow! We woke up on Saturday with snow on the ... read more

25th February 2014

WW: Take my picture!

{From PDX with Love} WW: Take my picture!

“Mom, take my picture” CLICK! picture taken “Aww, so cute!”   SMILE!!   Don’t be a stranger Facebook || Twitter || Google+ || Pinterest || Instagram

19th February 2014

WW – In The Dark

WW - In The Dark

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13th November 2013

A Hunting We Went

A Hunting We Went!

A Hunting We Went and the view was beautiful! I don’t know how you feel about hunting but if you had asked me before I met my husband I would have stood against it. It is completely a cultural thing, at least for me. Guns are prohibited in Mexico so I never really put much thought on hunting for my family’s dinner. Now, I am OK with it. I mean, ... read more

22nd October 2013

WW – Corn Maze Craze

Wordless Wednesday

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15th October 2013

Cat’urdays with O’Malley

Cat'urdays with O'Malley

 This boy still manages to melt my heart. He is such a lover…and a crazy lunatic. Whether he is either crashing into my mirror in the middle of the night or running like a maniac he always manages to make us laugh. The smell of my toothpaste is to minty for him so he makes the most adorable face ever (gotta get it on video one of these days). He ... read more

10th October 2013