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We want to take From PDX with Love a step further. We want to make it more of a we blog rather than an us blog. We want to involve everyone around us and share your thoughts and experience with our audience.

From PDX with Love is now looking for new authors who are interested on sharing the opinions in the form of interesting, thought-provoking, entertaining posts. We are looking for people who want to inspire others through different family oriented topics like: lifestyle, photography, fashion, outdoors, green living, food, and crafts.


Why contribute?

Contributing with From PDX with Love will:

Exposure. By writing about topics you are passionate about on other blogs (and not just mine) you will increase your visibility and exposure. Take this as an opportunity to promote your self, your blog, and/or your company!

Feedback. By contributing you will get feedback from readers that are not yet familiar with you. This could also lead to new clients, relationships, and even friendships along the blogosphere.

How does it work.

The process is very simple. Once you have decided you want to guest post with us please contact us at frompdxwithlove @ When submitting please add a blurb about yourself, what you do, where you blog, and your twitter handle so we can add it to the article.

If you want to add photos to your article make sure to give credit to the owner of the image. If the picture is yours, simply send it with your article.



Originality: The article cannot have been published anywhere else on the internet before.

Credits: Of course, we will let you link back to your blog or website. ;) Linking to relevant outside sources is acceptable as long as you are not linking to gambling sites, pornography, adult websites, or any other non family friendly sites.

Exclusivity: Any articles submitted to From PDX with Love have to be unique. We will not accept articles that are published on another blog or website (yours or not).

Size. We do ask that the articles are no less than 50o and no more than 1500. We like a good read like anyone else, but if we wanted to read a novella, we would do so on our couch with a glass of wine.

Family Friendly. From PDX with Love is a family friendly blog, meaning that a 6+ year old can read.

Grammar. Please make sure to use proper grammar and spelling!


Thanks for your time and hope to have you on From PDX with Love soon!!

9th August 2012

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