Takeya Tea Maker {Review/Giveaway}

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Coffee is our drink of choice in the morning. Late at night, after the dinner, it is tea time!! Tyler drinks more tea than I do…but I do drink some tea. Actually, as I type, I am drinking Earl Grey Tea. One sugar. One lemon squeeze. From the bottle.

We used to make tea the old fashioned way, water boiling on the stove, tea bag in the cup. But now we used our new tea maker, courtesy of Takeya!

It is morning now

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I woke up as usual, at least as usual as whenever I "sleep in", 7:30 and the hosue was so a quiet and cold. So quiet. I walked into their room. Beds are made. Toys are put away. It is cold. As I walked around their room the only thought in my mind "I want them back". I ...

Necklace Necessities {Review/Giveaway}

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  Necessity is truly the mother of invention. When I was looking for a way to extend my necklaces, I searched far and wide for a product to solve my fashion dilemma. It was really hard to find! So, when I finally found the perfect necklace extender and it was adjustable (bonus!), I thought a trio ...

Mega Bloks Domino Game {Review/Giveaway}

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A. was around 14 months old when Grandma gave him his very first set of Mega Bloks. I can’t believe it has been 2 years now! I remember he used to get so frustrated when the bloks wouldn’t stay or they wouldn’t click together. He’d look at me with super sad eyes while banging the bloks together trying very hard to build a tower.