‘Pretty Neat’ Book {Review/Giveaway}

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I have always enjoyed going through decor magazines wishing for my house to look anything like those beautiful pictures. I would look at a page, look at my room over the magazine, envisioning what it could look like: bright colors, clean, organized. Org-porn.

I grew up in a super tidy house. My mom kept it pretty clean. She delegated. Whenever she was going to have someone over she’d ask us all to help. I have 3 siblings so the cleaning got done fast.

Date Night {and it was good}

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Friday night Tyler and I had a night off! YEAH! We are not very good planners. We simply suck at it. After so much thought we decided we were going to go out for dinner and a movie. We wanted to eat somewhere good and not so expensive. also somewhere fast since we only had 90 minutes ...

Takeya Tea Maker {Review/Giveaway}

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Coffee is our drink of choice in the morning. Late at night, after the dinner, it is tea time!! Tyler drinks more tea than I do…but I do drink some tea. Actually, as I type, I am drinking Earl Grey Tea. One sugar. One lemon squeeze. From the bottle.

We used to make tea the old fashioned way, water boiling on the stove, tea bag in the cup. But now we used our new tea maker, courtesy of Takeya!