Finally got our snow!

{From PDX with Love} Got our Snow!!

Bellingham is not known for being a snowy city. Yes, it is at the north point of WA but we rarely get snow thanks to the Cascades which keep the snow clouds at bay (East). On very rare occasions snow clouds make it through the Cascades and it snows, just like it did this past weekend. We finally got our snow! We woke up on Saturday with snow on the ... read more

25th February 2014

Weekend Links

weekend links

This picture pretty much sums up what our lives have been revolving around lately: LEGOs.    —- On to our Weekend Links! —- If you need ambient sound to help you sleep you should try Soundrown where you can choose different ambient sounds, from a coffee shop to camping, rain or even a playground. And better yet, you can mix them together and make it rain inside the coffee shop! For the ... read more

21st February 2014

WW: Take my picture!

{From PDX with Love} WW: Take my picture!

“Mom, take my picture” CLICK! picture taken “Aww, so cute!”   SMILE!!   Don’t be a stranger Facebook || Twitter || Google+ || Pinterest || Instagram

19th February 2014

Giveaway: Justice Limited Edition YOYO Lip Gloss

Justice YOYO Lip Gloss

** I RECEIVED TWO LIMITED EDITION YOYO LIP GLOSS FOR FREE IN ORDER TO FACILITATE THIS REVIEW. ALL OPINIONS ARE 100% MY OWN. A few days ago I received a tiny pink box in the mail. I was a happy girl. Not only did I get a package but it had the cutest lip gloss in it. I received two Limited Edition YOYO Lip Gloss and, even though I am not ... read more

17th February 2014

JORD Wood Watches

{From PDX with Love} JORD Wood Watches

** I RECEIVED A WATCH FROM JORD WOOD WATCHES FOR FREE IN ORDER TO FACILITATE THIS REVIEW. ALL OPINIONS ARE 100% MY OWN. Once upon a time I used to wear a watch. It was your average watch, silver. This was back in my high school years were I would go hours in silence (studying, doing homework). During this silence all I could hear was the tic toc of the ... read more

14th February 2014

Keep your posters safe with Poster Frames

Movie Poster Frames

Before the Despicable Me movies came out both my boys cared only for CARS. It all started when A. got a Lightning McQueen and Mater cake on his 3rd birthday. Soon all the character cars came into our lives. Later down the road, it came as no surprise when the boys found a CARS poster at Value Village and they just had to have it! Of course we got it, A. ... read more

12th February 2014