What goes through a boy’s mind?

Through a Boy's Mind

J. is just like his dad, when he spaces out he zones out, he means is. His eyes won’t move, out of focus. He is just lost, somewhere, in space. And then his eyes refocus and I get him back. Huge smiles to follow. I have always wondered where he goes when he spaces out. What would make a 4 year old space out like that? What kind of thoughts ... read more

11th February 2014



Reading. As always I am nursing a few books at a time. At this very moment I have 3 bookmarked: Not Quite the Classics by Colin Mochrie (tougher to read than I though, no comedy!); Crossed by Ally Condie, not as good as Matched, its predecessor, having a hard time getting back into the story; and last but not least Odd Hours from Dean Koontz from which I cannot make it ... read more

6th February 2014

A Review: The Snugg Leather Pouch Case

The Snugg Leather Pouch Case

** I RECEIVED A LEATHER POUCH CASE FOR FREE IN ORDER TO FACILITATE THIS REVIEW. ALL OPINIONS ARE 100% MY OWN. There are two types of people: those who cannot live without their phone and those who can. I fall right into the latter. I pride myself in surviving 3+ months without one. It can be done. That said, I do love my phone! I mainly use it to take ... read more

5th February 2014

Weekend List

Weekend Links

GO HAWKS! Not very often both your top teams get to play on the Super Bowl against each other, but it has happened for us this year. Broncos vs Seahawks. Love them both, but we are rooting for the Seahawks! Who are you rooting for?   —- On to our Weekend Links! —- Ever wondered why you crave chocolate so much? Here’s why. Bring your computer’s screen to life with ... read more

31st January 2014

Reading Challenge 2014: January

Reading Challenge 2014 - Janaury

This will be the second year where I have challenged my self to read more. It all started when my husband suggested I should read more after I picked on him for being such a slow reader (a chapter a week). So I took the challenge. For 2014 I have set the same goal as last year: 52 books – a book a week. This year I am joining Toni’s ... read more

30th January 2014

Best Natural Cold Remedy

From PDX with Love - Best Cold Remedy EVER!

It is usual for me to get a cold, at least, once a year. It is a dead given. Winter = cold. But last year was different. I spent, what felt like, half the year sick with one thing or the other. When it comes to medicine I am the odd man out. I try to avoid doctors at all costs. The only medicine I take is Ibuprofen to deal ... read more

28th January 2014