Big Fish Games: $15 iTunes Card Giveaway

Big Fish Games Giveaway

* Post brought to you by Big Fish Games. There are a few things I do to unwind. Most often I can be found reading a book, but since I got new memory for my Mac I love to unwind playing games. My favorite is The Sims 3, specially since I got the Pets expansion pack. But there are days where all I want is to play a good hidden ... read more

27th January 2014

Weekend Links

Weekend Links

 This week we learned about the thigh gap. I have one because I am bow-legged (yei me)! It is due to my bow legged-ness that I am a bit scared of doing certain exercises (like some yoga poses) for fear of cracking my knees (bit paranoid maybe?).   —- On to our Weekend Links! —-   Let’s begin this weekend with a much deserved Ruby Citrus Mojito! I’d love to go ... read more

24th January 2014

The Infamous Thigh Gap

The Infamous Thigh Gap

It was a few weeks ago when I first heard about The Infamous Thigh Gap. I’m late to the party, oy vey. I am not one to scan through magazines that just shove in your face all the things you should be and all the stuff you must have. This might be the reason why as I was late to the thigh gap craze. What is this demented thigh gap ... read more

22nd January 2014

Weekend Links

Weekend Links

I just turned 29! This is my last year as a twenty-something. Although, based on technicalities, and who has time for those, I am living year 30 of my life. But I am staying at 29. 29 sounds waaaay better than 30, doesn’t it?!   —- On to our Weekend Links! —-   I got married at 22. These are 23 Things I Still Can Do After Getting Married at 22. I ... read more

17th January 2014

Photography makes us travel within seconds

Miami Photographers

We are never going to be as young, as we are tonight. That is why, if we are partying somewhere in Miami, we should let all the Miami photographers take pictures with us tonight. So we get the chance in 20 years, to see these photos of us and get super dramatic and nostalgic about the great time we had in Miami. Time flies, that is no secret for anyone, ... read more

15th January 2014

Golden Globes 2014: Worst & Best Dressed

Golden Globes - Best Dressed

Last year I made an installment of the worst and best dressed at The Oscars. And with the Golden Globes being live on Sunday I decided to do the same. Yeah, a day too late, but hey! Hehehe… Once again I did not watch the award show since the Broncos were playing. Hey, priorities! Anywho, here are my worst and best dressed!! Or like others say: best and worst dressed: ... read more

14th January 2014