$30 Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie Gift Card {Lucky Bunny Giveaway}

Happy Easter and welcome to the Lucky Bunny Giveaway Hop! BloggerPR is hosting this event so that we can bring all of our readers something to do as we anxiously await the arrival of the Easter Bunny !  Each participant blogger is giving away a prize valued at $20 or more.  This event will run until Easter (March 31st), ...

Fill in the blank Friday {week 12}

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It's Friday!! Which would be exciting if we actually knew where the sole key to our car is...   {Moving on to Fill in the blank Friday}   1. One of my happiest moments ever was...there's a couple: my wedding to the awesomest guy ever! And also the birth of both my boys! So life changing and calm and full ...

Today a Year Ago

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Today a Year Ago we brought J home from the hospital. He got to meet his big brother, his paternal grandma, aka Grandma Rowe, and his auntie Ashley (my mom was the photographer the day he was born).

Show off your house

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Mommy Madness Friday Blog Hop! Our theme of the week is Show Off Your House. I am usually excited about this meme...but today, well...not so much. And it has nothing to do with the meme itself but with my own house. You see...if you were ever to visit my house you'd think it is a rent and that ...

Today a Year Ago

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{TODAY A YEAR AGO} ______________________________________________ 11/11 I was one day away from my due date with J. So there's a lack of photos from those 2 first weeks of November. Today {a year ago} was the only day I took photos and it was only because it was hailing! It hailed so hard everything got covered in white. This is ...