12 Homemade Exfoliating Face Scrubs

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I often find myself looking for substitute ingredients while I am cooking. That is when it hit me, I have to make my very own Exfoliating Face Scrubs! Now I can make sure that there are no harsh ingredients or preservatives or chemicals that I cannot even pronounce. With these 10 simple homemade exfoliating face ...

Mod Podge, Paper, and Bamboo

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Friday I decided I should get crafty. I did two different things: a trio of ribbon wrapped bracelets and a jewelry bamboo dish. I did great on the bracelets since they were so straight forward. The dish? Well, not so much! I'll let you be the judge of it.   I must say that my little jewelry ...

Building fences

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This past weekend was blessed with the kiss of the sun! Oh how cheesy, hehehe! But yeah, the sun was out and so where the shovels and muscles! For quite some time we have been pondering on removing our fence and placing it at the very edge of the side yard between our house and the neighbors.