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My daily style, for kicking it back, consists of my pajamas. But due to the fact that PJs are not necessarily seen as an everyday attire (which still blows me away) I must wear something more casual, like jeans and tshirts. Often times I wear the same thing time and time again. I only have two pair of jeans and a few favorite shirts that are always on my shuffle drawer.

Why I love having boys

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It is a known fact that I have two boys. Plus a husband. 3:1 ratio. I will always be overrun by testosterone. And I have nothing against this. I quite enjoy it. Often times I hear people say “You need a girl!” or “when are you going to start trying for a girl?”, it gets tiring at times but all I have to say is smile and nod.

The Night Night Book {Review}

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  The Night Night Book is the newest book authored by the amazing Marianne Richmond. Richmond is a bestselling author who also penned If I Could Keep You Little, which I also had a chance to review a few months back. The Night Night Book can surely become a bedtime classic. This book takes readers on a ...