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First, I'd like to start by thanking all of you for making the Journey Gym giveaway the best giveaway as of yet!! It is a great feeling to see such response from you guys!! I bet you just want to go straight for it, right?! Well, drum roll please...   JOURNEY GYM winner, from 1597 entries is: comment #1252 ERIKA ...

JOURNEY GYM: Fitness Challenge {Review/Giveaway}

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A few days back I challenged my self to be better, to feel better, to put my words and thoughts into action. It is easy to talk and even easier not to act upon those words. But today it has changed. Today I began my challenge.
As you might remember from my fitness challenge post I will be working out using the new Journey Gym, which is not only portable but also easy to install and even easier to use.