Crawling updates

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Mr Jaco loves tummy time...he is either standing up or laying on his belly. He is getting pretty good! He already took a few little 'steps', can we call them 'steps'? What are they called since steps is for walking?Oh well, I digress. This is Jacob's new crawling technique:


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Jake just got his first tooth today!! Picture still to come since he won't let me take a picture of it. He tries to grab the lens which means closing hid mouth for full concentration!I'll keep trying.


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Potty Business! OMG I am so excited!!We were in the living room watching Deadliest Catch when Alexander decided to get undressed. He was having some trouble taking his shirt off so I gave him a hand (I unbuttoned it). He then started pulling at his pants. And I asked what was wrong, and if he ...

Can you whistle?

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Earlier today Alexander and I were watching Sesame Street (Elmo's World specifically). Elmo was talking about the 'mouth' and about whistling. Mr Noodles started whistling and then Elmo had to give it a go, right? Well, as Elmo was trying, to no avail, to whistle, Alexander tried it too!! It was soooooo cute!! You could ...