Saturday 6th

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Oh man. Yesterday was such a long day! And quite eventful as well!Went up to Skyline Elementary school to help find a 7 year old who got lost the day before. Couldn't stay, the policeman said there were already 150 people helping and that by the moment they needed no more help. It looks like ...

Christmas Tree Lighting

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Portland Christmas tree Pioneer Square.In the picture: my mom, Lorena, Oliver, Ashley...Alex, Me, Alexander, Ty & Trevor...Jacob is in the stroller....which you can barely see.Gotta print this photo. (I suck at printing photos...heheh always forget to)Gotta have a 'Wall of Shame'...gotta choose the wall...and print...hang.

4th of July weekend

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It was such a long and HOT weekend!! Hotter than last year. It would be awesome if we could all rent a boat for next year's 4th of July weekend, specially with 2 new babies (they we'll be 7 and 5 months old by then!).We got there around noon. Alexander fell asleep on our way ...

Photo Tuesday

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He really couldn't care at all about the slide...He loved this!! (forgot it's name, oops) He fell once and tried to get up again all by himself!! ;)Love this photo!! Looks like he took it himself!! But noooo!! He is tricking you!Saturday went to the Saturday Market and had some Elephant Ears! HE LOVED ...

Sunday Snow…!

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OMG!! It was so much fun!! And quite a challenge may I know, pushing a stroller on the snow is not as easy as you may think! I pushed and Tyler pulled while Alexander slept away all bundled up and cozy...So here are some photos of our journey:Little Alexander all bundled up...and let me ...